About me

Hi! I'm learning software development. I try to deliver insights form cognitive science, philosophy and maths into the world of software.

I come from the academic world. My field is the interdisciplinary science of CREATIVITY. I have studied creativity in and out from different perspectives. Psychology, Biology, Computer Science, AI, Philosophy and even Mathematics.


As well as being obsessed with it for over 10 years by now. I just want to see a world with more creativity!

Alas, my academic career was cut short thanks to covid. But if I ever go back, I want to get a Masters in Computer Science from Georgia Tech!


Thus, now I want to get into software development. Fun fact, my journey started programming games! So all roads lead to Super Mario Bros... or something.

My aim is to turn scientific insights into valuable content for software developers. While learning to become a software developer myself.

Simple writing, cute drawings, no jargon, but tons of book recommendations!!!!

Please consider buying me a coffee if you find my stuff worthwhile :)