I -almost- made it :D

I -almost- made it :D


How do you people do it?

I recently started doing the twitter thing again and I cannot help but wonder how the hell are some of you doing 100 consecutive days of anything.

Well, I was writing everyday. Hence the now-petulant name of this series. I wanted to see how far I could make it, tough.

2 weeks. Two measly weeks was all I could muster.

But I learned a few things. So here's the obligatory "what I learned by..." post of Hashnode tradition.

Or whatever.

It was way easier than I thought

This one was surprising to me. I usually have a very hard time writing, much less so doing it constantly. I used to have to write a lot during my time at university. So I know I can write.

But doing it out of my own free will? That was really something that I wasn't expecting.

I speculate that the context -a blog, with feedback in the form of comments- has a lot to do with it.

Academic writing is very solitary and feedback-deprived as it is. I used to have a bad case of writing-about-weird-stuff-even-for-philosophers. So, expectedly, I used to get very little feedback.

We are talking about a "you missed a comma" once or twice a year.

I wish I was kidding!

Seriously, how do you do it?

My brain comes equipped with two modes of processing time.




And I have this very nasty thing that makes it so that anything that graduates from "now" ceases to form part of my umwelt. With a moratorium of at least two hours. But it can be days.

Yet my brain figures that any chirping birb on the background is a matter of national urgency.

As important as whatever JavaScript I could be typing. At any moment's notice.

If not more! Because... birbs!

I learned a ton

But thanks to whatever magic this twitter-blog thingy I'm doing, I have kept way more productive than pretty much ever.

Which is great! I have learned a lot, just by writing about it.

What is not great is that I am still very unable to keep track of those damn days of code.



No seriously. How do you do it?

Like seriously.

It's starting to stop being funny :(


See you... tomorrow?

P.S. Don’t take any of this too seriously. Sardonic smugness is my way of coping! :P

*Obligatory beg-for-money section*

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