I was featured again!

I was featured again!

I want to share some of the joy :D

This the obligatory celebration post!

This is the third time that a post of mine was featured. I somehow missed the second XD

Check out my (self-proclaimed) award-winning posts!

Here are the posts that have been featured!

  1. Networking for Success!

  2. Lygometry. Figuring out what I don't know, yet.

  3. Watch me Build Stuff. Exhibit A: Chrome Extensions.

Disclaimer: My imaginary lawyers tell me that I must disclose that they are in fact not winners of awards.

Here's an idea

What if I mint a celebratory limited-edition NFT (preferably on Polygon for the gas fees) for my featured-article celebrations?

I could make it so that you can claim it from the celebration posts, like this one! By placing a big button inside the post where you can run a minting smart contract directly with Metamask.

For free, of course! :D

I try hard to make quality stuff. I want to share some of the joy with you! <- and if I become famous you get a very expensive jpg for free!

Thank you Hashnode team!