Or how I try to deal with ADHD

The sole idea of making plans goes sorely against my grain. I struggle a lot to work with any regularity. I tend to overplan or overestimate what I can achieve. And get distracted very often.

But hey, I'm giving it a shot. I have some tools at my disposal!

Kanban board

I have been using a Kanban board since last month. After reading Kanban in Action

Here's a picture of my board!


The basic principle behind it is to focus more on the flow of work items rather than how many of them you complete. That's great news for me because I get really anxious thinking about the number of things I need to achieve. Experience tells me that I always fall short with such planning.

The way I use It (for blog posts) is that each post-it represents a particular blog post I am currently working on (spoilers!). And each column represents each stages of work necessary to finish it and publish it. Things like research, draft, rewrite, and so on.

Pomodoro log

I use a simple kitchen timer set to 25 minutes.


And a notebook with a monthly grid.


As you can see, up until this day it is nothing short of a mess. I miss quite a lot of my goals, which are to fill all daily cells with 25-minute blocks of work. Often times I just get distracted before actually marking down a cell I just completed. Other times I get distracted before starting the timer. By the time I remember an hour or so has passed.

The 5-point sheet outline

I don't know if it is a named technique, I just call it that. Here, take a look at the outline for yesterday's post

Its very simple. I just note down around 5 different points I want to make. While researching the topic. That works as a guide for outlining and drafting the post.


I also use the back of the sheet to sketch the blog's thumbnail :)



This coming week I want to focus on setting up my linkedIn and GitHub profiles. And do some research on setting up SEO. As well as reading about blog monetization! (hey, a dude can dream right?)

I will be using these techniques. And sharing my outcomes here, of course.

Let's see how it goes!

See you tomorrow!

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