The MERN stack: A Poem - By Jorge Romero

The MERN stack: A Poem - By Jorge Romero

I promised you I would do this! :D


Mongo moves massive metadata, - NoSQL excels at scalability

meaning mo-BASE! - The case for document-based databases

Moreover, Mongoose makes moving manageable! - Modularity and model abstraction with ODMs


Express eloquent espreads, - Uses the middleware pattern stack for routing

Embody excessive emancipation. - It is very non-opinionated

Elegantly eschew extraneous errors - Middleware makes error handling elegant.


Requests, React receives - Consuming and API in a React app

Requests, React-Router. - Client-side routing in SPAs

Requests! reduxed! - with redux :D





npm! - npm sucks!

WTF Jorch! You cheated! espreads? Really?

Hey, this is art. There's no cheating.

What's more, isn't it even more creative because of it?


This was just a demonstration of what I talked about in yesterday's post.

I promised this and delivered. Using the heuristic I showed :D

The fact that it is simple doesn't mean it's easy. I spent a lot of time browsing the internet! And I learned a lot.

But it was fun!

See you tomorrow!

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