Writing every day (?)

Writing every day (?)

I am a bit of a perfectionist. Which may be good if my goal is to produce high quality output. Sadly I also have a very hard time keeping focused for prolonged periods of time. ADHD has been my Achilles heel ever since I have use of reason. Unfortunately I don't have access to the adequate medications. But that's fine, I manage in other ways. My university diploma says I am a psychologist!

Thus, each post is taking me an obscene amount of time to research, write, rewrite and finish. Since starting my blog I have been posting around once a week. Which is way less than I would like, to be honest.

I think a good compromise might be making a habit of writing something each day. As well as working on more-well-prepared weekly-ish posts.

I have read some good advice here on Hashnode which mostly points out how important it is to make it a daily habit of writing. Chris Bongers wrote about how he managed to write every day for 700 days and how it changed his life. And Victoria Lo's article why every developer should start blogging inspired me to start this blog in the first place.

Miki Szeles urges on how important it is to start writing now. He points out that this is a great way to get feedback and build connections.

Miki finishes his post with this:

📚Think about what is the topic closest to your soul that makes your heart pump faster even by thinking about it? If you find it, I am pretty sure you cannot fail with writing an article about it.

Well, that really strikes a chord with me. I have a ton of topics that make me feel that way. Many of them not so much tech-related as tech-tangential. But I'm sure I can always find a way to relate them to tech and programming.

Wish me luck. And a consistent attention span... I waste way too much time on the crappy drawings on my post's cover images.

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