Yet another blog

Yet another blog

Why should you care to read it? (Wait! Don't go! Cat pictures inside!)

Hi, I am Jorge. Due to the pandemic I have found myself in the need of switching careers. I have a background in Cognitive Science/Psychology and Mathematics. I will document my software development journey here.

"Ok, but why should I care?" I hear you ask, my imaginary-as-of-this-writing reader.

My goal with this blog is threefold:

  • Learn by teaching

I can fool my own brain into feeling as if I understand a concept. But I cannot fool you. I cannot hand-wave my way into sidestepping the issue that I am unable to explain something.

Clear explanations signal clear thinking.

  • Share content of value to people that are struggling the same as I have

Oh boy have I struggled! Way back in 2012 silly me thought it was a good idea to start learning to code with C# and the Unity Engine.

Unit test? Refactoring? Clean Code? Types? Data structures? Algorithms? "How will those things help me make Mario jump across the screen?" silly me though back then.

Its a catch-22. Most tutorial and learning resources cater to beginners. But more advanced resources usually go way beyond what a beginner can even grasp.

My aim is to cover those fundamental, but often ignored, aspects of programming. While striving to be as clear and, you know, not boring as possible.

  • Build an audience/showcase what I am capable of

I mean, I mentioned that I am switching careers. Opportunities favor those who are prepared. And ears and eyes turn towards those who bang their hands against the keyboard the loudest.

Hopefully, my aims are compelling enough to keep you coming back and reading my blog.

Last but not least. I all else fails. I keep my secret weapon close at hand: cats...

IMG_20220210_154412~2.jpg (We are pair programming, obviously)

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