Developer Dialectics

Developer Dialectics

Digital Dilly-dally Done Diligently!

I’ve got nothing for today’s post.

So let's talk philosophy.

Consider the following proposition. A thesis.

"I am a software developer"

In philosophy the term dialectics refers to the discourse between two or more different points of view. The aim is establishing truth by arguing using reason.

Philosopher Georg Hegel developed a dialectical method. Which consist of a first proposition, the thesis. And a second proposition, called the anti-thesis:

"I am not a software developer"

Hegel believed that you cannot get the whole truth by taking any one proposition by itself. Both propositions can carry some truth. So the Truth should emerge from the whole dialectic process.

Thus, the third part of Hegel's method. The synthesis:

"I am becoming a software developer"



You may be wondering. "Did you really just throw Hegelian dialectics in a dumb blog post because you were bored?"


Yes, I did.

See you tomorrow!

P.S: My kitten only has 3 legs in real life.